Helen Flanagan claims 'PETA leather bag blunder' is 'ridiculous'

Helen Flanagan has hit back at claims that she's made yet another Twitpic blunder, calling the criticism of her 'ridiculous'. This time the blunder relates to snaps promoting PETA followed by a series of photos of her designer leather handbags.

Helen Flanagan tweeted this photo of her PETA T shirt and followed it up with some of her leather designer handbags. …Helen Flanagan attracted attention by posting a snap of herself wearing a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) branded T Shirt, promoting animal rights. She tweeted this snap alongside the caption: "Proud to be supporting PETA :) #workouttop."

She then went on to post several photos herself posing with designer leather handbags.

Helen Flanagan followed up her PETA T shirt photo with one showing off two leather handbags. Copyright [Helen  …The first showed her standing next to her leather Louis Vuitton holdall, with her Chanel bag on her arm.

The second showed her breakfast with her Chanel handbag placed behind her plate, perfectly in shot.

Critics were quick to point out that PETA campaigns against the use of leather, calling it a 'global killer'.

Helen Flanagan then posted another snap showing off her leather bags. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]A statement on their website even specifically relates to leather products. It reads: "With every pair of leather shoes that you buy, you sentence an animal to a lifetime of suffering."

But Helen, 22, has now taken to Twitter to defend herself, telling followers she feels like she's being 'picked on'.

The actress tweeted: "I'm sorry but this is ridiculous leave me alone! Ive done something for charity - exotic animals are killed in a cruel way for there skins. Leather is not. Stop picking on me. Enough." [sic]

A PETA spokesperson told omg!: "After recently learning that snakes killed for their skin are often nailed to trees and skinned alive and that raccoons and foxes are routinely anally electrocuted in the fur industry, Helen has made the compassionate decision never to buy fur or exotic animal skins.

"PETA asks everyone to refrain from wearing leather, wool, shearling and silk."

Helen Flanagan then posted this photo of her leather bag. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]When a follower asked: "Put your foot in it again?" she responded: "No I haven't actually."

It comes after she was alleged to be supporting pro-anorexia by 'liking' a photo on Instagram with the caption: "Craving is only a feeling."

Helen made an apology on Twitter, saying that she didn't realise the photos she 'liked' were visible to the public, and that she'd never promote eating disorders having suffered from one when she was in her teens.

Helen Flanagan was slated for this gun photo which coincided with the Sandy Hook Massacre. Copyright [Helen Fl …The actress also came under fire for posting a photo showing her holding a gun to her head on the same day as funerals were held for the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

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Helen revealed afterwards that seeing that particular photograph hit the front pages of the newspapers alongside the headline: "Brainless" was devastating.

Oh dear.

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