Helen Flanagan almost suffers a nipple slip wardrobe malfunction in THE most bizarre workout video of all time

Helen Flanagan's near miss with a nipple slip wardrobe malfunction in this fitness video might not be the main focus of said clip - in fact, we just don't know where to start.

The model has taken part in what is possibly the most bizarre celeb workout video we've ever seen.

Standing in a barn wearing a red leotard with white tights, Helen instructs a room full of jockeys through a series of massively inappropriate gym moves.

The 22-year-old looks absolutely nothing like we do when we're working out, sporting lashings of red lippy and a face full of make-up.

Helen Flanagan has taken part in a bizarre fitness video for Ladbrokes, striking several 'look at my boobs' poses …

Helen Flanagan's weight loss video appears to be more about her bum and boobs than anything else. Copyright [L …

Helen Flanagan's gym face looks absolutely nothing like ours. Copyright [Ladbrokes]

Gripping a whip, Helen tells her co-stars to "work harder!" before instructing them on how to lunge and squat.

The whole thing is set to 70s porno music and features approximately 103 shots of just her cleavage.

Luckily, Helen was sporting a red bra on the shoot, keeping her boobs firmly in place and keeping the dreaded nip-slip at bay.

Helen Flanagan almost suffered a nipple slip wardrobe malfunction in her low cut leotard. Copyright [Ladbrokes …

The video, filmed for Ladbrokes, only gets more outrageous as it continues, with Helen leaning over a barrel of hay and showing off her dodgy armpit tan lines with her arms stretched high into the air.

It's too ridiculous to miss. Watch it, immediately.

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