Helen Flanagan goes on a diet, wants her bikini body back

Helen Flanagan is an absolute stunner. Ask any bloke and we bet they'd agree with us.

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan has revealed she wants to get in shape. Copyright [Rex]So we were a bit surprised to see that Helen Flanagan has decided to go on a diet to get her bikini body back.

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Last time we checked, Helen Flanagan's body was flipping HOT. It was only last week that she stripped off for a magazine shoot showing off her flat stomach and amazing boobs.

However, the I'm a Celebrity star has taken to Twitter to reveal that she's starting a post-Christmas diet and exercise plan.

Helen FlanaganErr, we don't think she needs to lose any weight. Copyright [Rex]What's more, Helen is using...er...herself as inspiration for hitting the treadmill.

She tweeted a snap of herself in a bikini on holiday a couple of years ago, alongside the caption: "Gymspiration."

She then tweeted: "Diet starts today. Super good girl Hel."

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan was looking amazing just a couple of weeks ago. Copyright [Rex]We don't think Flanners needs to lose any weight at all. In fact, she lost a load of weight during her time in the I'm a Celebrity jungle.

However, we can see why she might be feeling a bit self conscious - she recently revealed that she's signed a load of modeling and lingerie contracts for the coming year.

We'd be hitting the gym hard too if we had to stand in front of a camera in our undies.

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