Helen Flanagan gets her legs out, looks seriously hot

Er, did it just get hot in here or is it just Helen Flanagan and her endless pins?

Helen is gorge... FACT! Copyright: [Twitter]

Just when we thought the Corrie actress couldn't get any more gorge, she goes and tweets this in our faces.

And yes, her legs do pretty much go on forever and no, it isn't fair.

Helen tweeted the cute snap with the Gossip Girl inspired message: "My Blair Waldorf outfit".

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And we just so happen to know that the shorts suit if from where else but blimmin' Topshop!

Which means we can all look as hot as Hels.

Helen posted the snaps on her Twitter page. Copyright: [Twitter]

Well, we can try any way.

And in case you were wondering the inspiration behind Helen's look (which FYI wasn't a spin bike) the star also tweeted an accompanying 'mood board':

Because doesn't EVERYONE have time to make MOOD BOARDS?! Copyright: [Twitter]

This got us thinking...

We might start doing this for all our outfits too, even if this morning's mood board would probably have to feature a snooze button, someone running for the bus and a pint of coffee.

Yeah, we never said it would be as glam.

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