Helen Flanagan dyes her hair pink, trying to shake off the ‘bimbo’ tag?

Not many people can pull off pink hair, but Helen Flanagan most definitely can.

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan has dyed her hair pink. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]

Helen Flanagan has dyed her hair light PINK and we have to say, we LOVE it.

Helen tweeted photos of her new pink locks which is quite a change from the usual blonde we're used to.

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Helen tweeted the first photo which showed her bright pink lipstick and a tiny bit of pink hair alongside the caption: "I died my hair pink yesterday :) Had it done at Alderley Edge Style Lounge. I love it"

Helen Flanagan also tweeted this photo of her new hair. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]She then tweeted another snap which showed more of her newly dyed hair, alongside the caption: "Pinky pops loool"

However, we're wondering whether she dyed her hair to try and shake off the 'blonde bimbo' tag she's so fed up of.

She tweeted: "No more "bimbo" calling now its annoying."

Helen Flanagan tweeted this photo saying that she's sick of being called a bimbo. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]And last week Helen Flanagan revealed she's keen to go back to college and study for her A-Levels, desperate to prove that she isn't thick.

She told Love It magazine: "Scott gets annoyed when people say I'm stupid because he knows I'm not.

"People think that if you do sexy modelling, you're a bimbo or promiscuous - and I'm neither. I really, really want to finish my studies.I think it's so cool when girls are at school trying to do well and striving for the best job."

Whatever her motives, we love the pink. We just wish we could pull it off too.