Helen Flanagan is the best celebrity to enter the I’m A Celebrity jungle. Fact.

Without a doubt, this year's 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' has had one stand out contestant; Miss Helen Flanagan.

Helen IS the best celebrity to ever enter the jungle. [ITV]

The squeamish actress has so far faced every single trial voted for by the public and it doesn't take a genius to understand why.

Her pathetic attempts and fear of just about everything has made for some hilarious viewing, while her post trial showers have also had us ogling our TV screens.

Here are omg!'s reasons for why Helen Flanagan has made this year's 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' TV Gold.

She's not afraid to take on Myleene Klass

Let's face it, the real reason for Helen's casting in this year's lineup is that she isn't afraid to get her ridiculously hot body out at the drop of the hat. Her pre-jungle preparation simply consisted of posting scantily clad pictures of herself on Twitter.

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan took on Myleene Klass in a battle of the bikini's. Copyright [Rex]

No doubt that after seeing just a handful of these snaps the producers put her right at the top of their list. And so far, she hasn't disappointed. For the past week Helen paraded around in more bikini's than meals she has able to win for camp, even taking on the mighty Myleene Klass in a battle of the white bikinis.

She's worse than Gillian Mckeith at Bushtucker trials

Four seconds. Yep, four seconds is how long the Flanagan managed to last in her first Bushtucker trial. There's no denying that Helen has been pants at most of the trials this year.

Helen has the balls to say no to just about everything [ITV]

However, rather than taking the Gillian Mckeith approach by simply faux fainting, Helen has either screamed at the mere prospect of doing a trial or point black refused to take part.

When push comes to shove, she will put her fears aside to feed her camp mates

After a week of living on rice and beans, Helen Flanagan's camp mates finally lost their nerve with actress giving her the mother of all pep talks before her sixth Bushtucker trial. We're pretty sure that Charlie Brooks was a woman on the edge.

Maybe it was out of compassion for her hungry camp mates or simply the terrifying look in Charlie's eyes but Helen suddenly put her irrational fears aside. We were all flabbergasted when she took home the maximum of twelve meals during the 'Deadly Deliveries' trial last night.

She's past caring that the public have voted her in

When it was revealed that Helen would be facing last night's live trial, her seventh in total, there was a definite change in the actress' attitude. Rather than cry or moan about being made to yet again go through a very public humiliation, Helen simply got up from her seat and joined Ant and Dec.

Helen is past caring, we don't blame her. Copyright [Rex]

Before the presenters could ask, Helen accepted the challenge before saying 'Do I really have a choice?'. The woman is now past the point of bothering to question why she's been voted in and is finally embracing the challenge. It took a while but she got there in the end.

She's made Declan Donnelly a very happy man

After spending almost as much time with presenters Ant and Dec as she has her camp mates, Helen Flanagan has caught the eye of one the Geordie TV stars. Dec admitted today that he has enjoyed her company during the trials, even making sure that he gets a hug from her each time she arrives.

Despite being so rubbish at the trials Helen has somehow managed to win over Dec- a man who has been fronting the show for ten years. To us, this is proof that she is the ultimate jungle celeb of all time.

Long live Helen Flanagan, our Queen of the Jungle.