Helen Flanagan: I'm a size 8 without my boobs but I never weigh myself since my eating disorder

We find it pretty hard to get ourselves on the scales (especially after Christmas) and girl crush Helen Flanagan has confessed she struggles to weigh herself too.

Helen Flanagan says she never weighs herself. Copyright [Helen Flanagan]

The Corrie star, who has confessed to having issues with her eating whilst growing up, has admitted she doesn't know how much she weighs.

She told new! magazine: "I never weigh myself." Asked whether it's because she had an eating disorder she said: "Yeah".

Speaking about her battle with eating she said: "I was an out-patient [at The Priory]. My mum got really worried about my eating. I went to a specialist and got diagnoses with various thing."

The 'I'm A Celebrity' star, who is famous for her curves, did reveal that she's a teeny weeny size 8 - well aside from her most well-known assets.

She added: "I'm an 8 but sometimes, because of my boobs I have to get a 10."

And she assured the mag that she's much better around food these days, holding up a falafel wrap saying: "I've definitely got a healthy relationship with food now."

Helen has rubbished claims she and boyfriend Scott aren't happy. Copyright [Twitter/Helen Flanagan]

Talking of relationships of the other kind, Helen also rubbished claims that she and boyfriend Scott Sinclair are going through a rough patch because she's "needy".

She said: "It's a load of rubbish. "Helen's very clingy!" We've had to so much banter about it. I've been with Scott for three years and we're obsessed with each other. No relationship's perfect but we really love each other and we're really strong."

Meanwhile Helen is probably wishing Scott would come and rescue her from Dubai where she is currently on holiday.

Sounds alright for some but the TV star has come down with a bout of the flu.

She tweeted today: "Been so poorly today nothing alcohol related I rarely drink just the worst worst flu x"

Helen revealed things are so bad she's actually hallucinating. Sounds horrible. WISH YOU BETTER LOVELY!

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Helen Flanagan flashed her knickers as she donned an eyecatching S&M style dress. Copyright [Wenn]
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