Heidi and Spencer and Rylan have a Twitter love in, we do like it when everyone gets on

After their hatred towards one another in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we thought Speidi and Rylan would never talk again.

Heidi and Rylan had a bit of a love in on Twitter earlier. Copyright [Rex]However, since leaving the house Heidi and Spencer have not only spoken to Rylan, but they're all saying 'love you' and everything.

Naw we do like it when they all get along.

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Spencer tweeted Rylan following a TV appearance after Rylan said nice things about him and Heidi.

Spencer said: "thanks for the kind words about #Speidi on @5wrightstuff !"

Heidi and Spencer today at the ITV StudiosHeidi and Spencer today at the ITV Studios. Copyright [Rex]Heidi then chipped in, telling Rylan: "You looked great!"

Rylan then responded telling Heidi he'd downloaded her album.

He said: "thanks H , enjoy loose women, just downloaded superficial! X” love you! Xo"

The lovey-dovey comments just days after Spencer tweeted Rylan to wish him good luck on the X Factor tour.

Rylan is currently on the X Factor tour. Copyright [Rex]The tweet even included Rylan's famous catchphrase 'Drop me out'.

This is all quite a turn around after Rylan raged about Heidi and Spencer's antics in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Rylan and Spencer were spotted hugging at the Celebrity Big Brother after-party, which makes us think that they've well and truly put all the drama from the house behind them.

Now all we need is a Heidi and Rylan duet.