Heidi and Spencer reveal their Celebrity Big Brother sex scenes were fake, thank GOD for that

For the best part, this series of Celebrity Big Brother provided us with amazing entrainment. However, there were a couple of moments where we couldn't bare to look at the screen.

There was VERY dodgy under-the-duvet shenanigans going on between Heidi and Spencer. Copyright [WENN]Those moments mainly involved Heidi and Spencer and some VERY dodgy under-the-duvet-shenanigans.

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On a couple of occasions, it appeared that Heidi and Spencer were indulging in a spot of foreplay, and even having sex in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Cue us vomming everywhere.

However, the pair have now confessed that their 'sex scenes' were faked.

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer say that they faked all their sex scenes. Copyright [WENN]Heidi and Spencer told the Daily Star: "Every night all they would do was creep in on us and stare. We were putting on a show. It's not a secret that we were messing with their heads.

"Every night we were doing our scenes, we were just turning it up for the TV."

And turn it up they did. During one fake sex scene, Rylan and Claire from Steps watched, aghast, as Rylan said: "She's t***ing him off!"

Rylan was shocked by Heidi and Spencer's under-the-duvet action. Copyright [WENN]However, Heidi went on to claim that her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates were obsessed with her and Spencer's sex life.

She said: "They were saying to us all the time that they wanted us to have sex. It was odd and so inappropriate."

Err, we're not entirely sure they WANTED you to have sex, Heidi.

She continued: "I think they were all so sexually frustrated in there and they're just like that anyway, their humour is way out of line and inappropriate most of the time."