Heidi and Spencer to get post Celebrity Big Brother reality show mocking Britain? We hope NOT

Heidi and Spencer have been the major talking point on this year's Celebrity Big Brother, with just about everyone HATING them.

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer may get their own reality show. Copyright [Rex]However, like them or loathe them Heidi and Spencer have provided blimmin' good entertainment on Celebrity Big Brother. So much so that they're now rumoured to be in with a chance of bagging their own reality show afterwards.

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Sources have revealed that the show would be about Heidi and Spencer traveling the UK to explore our traditions and meet loads of British people.

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer have already tried out the Pearly King and Queen tradition on CBB. Copyright [Channel 5]However, judging by the fact that Speidi seem to hate everything and everyone other than themselves, and spend a lot of time gushing about how much they LOVE America, we can't imagine them being very positive about the UK.

A source said: "Speidi have been TV gold on Celebrity Big Brother and are clearly no fans of the British. It makes perfect sense for them to bag their own explosive series here.

"Will Britain win them over or will they continue to mock everyone and everything?"

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer were once so successful they had their own book called 'How to be Famous' Copyright [Rex]We reckon the latter.

We think that Heidi and Spencer are highly likely to accept the offer of a new reality TV show.

On the opening night of Celebrity Big Brother, Spencer said: "We're the king and queen of reality TV. We're gonna get our own show here in the UK."