Heidi and Spencer leaving the UK for Heidi’s hair appointment, turn all British before they go

Heidi and Spencer have been making the most of their time in the UK following their stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

Heidi and Spencer had some pie and fish and chips today. Copyright [Splash]However, it seems as though Heidi and Spencer will be leaving the UK very soon - because Heidi has an emergency situation. She has to get her hair done.


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Heidi Montag explained: "I have an emergency hair situation going on. Usually I get my hair done every three weeks and I'm at about seven weeks or so. I've had the same person for seven years - he's a British hair guru who perfects blonde so I have to go back and see him."

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer have been loving their time in the UK. Copyright [Splash]The pair went on to reveal that they also need time to come to terms with their time on Celebrity Big Brother.

Spencer said: "We need to decompress from living in that wonderful [Big Brother] house".

That's right. They're now describing the experience as wonderful.

Heidi tweeted this photo of her first afternoon tea. Copyright [Heidi Montag]However, Heidi and Spencer may return to the UK permanently once Heidi's had her hair emergency dealt with.

And they've definitely been indulging in all things British since they've been here.

Not only have they done a spot of sight-seeing, but Heidi tweeted a photo of central London this morning, alongside the caption: "I love London."

Heidi and Spencer are heading back to the US so Heidi can get her hair done. Copyright [Splash]She then tweeted a snap of her 'first ever afternoon tea,' which looked amazing.

And after their tea, Speidi headed to a traditional pie shop, and ordered pie, chips, fish and drank pints. A good few stereotypes ticked off there.

With a one off documentary about them airing on channel 5 later this month, we wouldn't be surprised if Heidi and Spencer came back very soon.