Heidi and Spencer did NOT fake their Celebrity Big Brother sex scenes, says Claire Richards – EXCLUSIVE

Celebrity Big Brother may be over, but there are two particular housemates we're STILL talking about. And that's Heidi and Spencer.

Claire Richards says the sex scenes weren't fake. Copyright [Rex]So when we met Claire Richards (aka Claire from Steps) we HAD to ask her how she felt about Heidi and Spencer. Namely the moment where she and Rylan looked on as Heidi and Spencer engaged in some dodgy under-the-duvet antics.

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Heidi and Spencer have since claimed that they faked their Celebrity Big Brother sex scenes, but Claire Richards isn't so sure.

She told us exclusively: "We were just chatting in bed and we heard them kissing. Then the cover was going. They weren't faking it. No way. [That's] cr*p."

Rylan and Claire looked on in horror as Heidi and Spencer got down to business. Copyright [WENN]Claire went on to reveal that, despite Rylan and Razor making friends with them, she still doesn't know what to make of Heidi and Spencer.

She said: "I still don't know. I don't think I ever will. They just say whatever they feel like at the time, I don't know what was real and what wasn't. I don't know if they're really that hateful or if they're nice people playing a role."

We spoke to Claire at the launch of her plus size clothing range for Fashion World.

Claire RichardsWe spoke to Claire at the launch of her clothing range for Fashion World. Copyright [Rex]She told us she's really enjoyed the designing process: "Fashion has always been a big thing for me and when I gained the weight after Steps split, I struggled a lot with what what there was out there to wear, finding things that fit and knowing what suited me.

Since then I've lost it and put it on, and lost it and put it back on. But gradually I've learnt the areas to hide and areas to accentuate, and that's something I've been able to explore here. Things that suit me will hopefully suit other women who are my size."