Heidi and Spencer DEATH THREATS cause Celebrity Big Brother bosses to hire extra security, EEK

Heidi and Spencer began Celebrity Big Brother as loveable villains who were great entertainment. However, following their behaviour over recent days, public opinion seems to have changed to hatred towards the couple.

Heidi and Spencer may need extra security if they're evicted tonight. Copyright [Rex]And now it's been revealed that Celebrity Big Brother bosses have hired extra security to protect Heidi and Spencer if they're evicted tonight.

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A source close to the show has revealed that Heidi and Spencer will have close protection from minders if they're booted out of the show tonight.

The source said: "Initially everyone seemed to love their meddling. But now it’s turned into real hatred."

Heidi and Spencer are now officially hated by the public. Copyright [Rex]Not only were the couple hated after they denied Claire Richards the chance to read a letter from home before laughing in her face, but now images of them posing with guns have appeared, things have got even worse.

The images have spurred fans of the show to tweet abusive messages to Speidi.

One tweeter said: "I hope both Heidi and Spencer get shot in the head and die, that would be great."

Another raged: "You and your fella need a bullet each between the eyes."

And that's just the start of the threats.

We reckon Heidi and Spencer's Celebrity Big Brother time could well be up tonight. We hope they're prepared for the boos.