Heidi and Spencer have a big SNOG as they arrive back in the US

Heidi and Spencer have kept us talking for weeks now, but their time in the UK has finally come to an end.

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer shared a huge kiss as they arrived back in the US. Copyright [WENN]

Heidi and Spencer have landed back in the US yesterday and looked pretty happy to be home, sharing a huge SNOG at the airport.

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Speidi were both dressed casually, with Heidi in jeans, a zip up jacket and black Ugg boots.

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer couldn't kepe their hands off each other. Copyright [WENN]They've spent the last couple of weeks sightseeing around London and saying they love the UK so much they'd consider living here.

However, judging by their display on Celebrity Big Brother, they're more than a bit proud of being American.

Heidi and Spencer were all smiles as they were photographed leaving the airport with their luggage and an impressive display of duty free.

Heidi and Spencer looked very happy to be back. Copyright [WENN]After planning to spend a couple of months exploring the UK, Heidi and Spencer have headed back to the US because of Heidi's 'hair emergency'.

She revealed earlier this week that she desperately needed her hair doing by her own hairdresser.

Heidi and Spencer went back to the US for Heidi's hair appointment. Copyright [WENN]Heidi explained: "I have an emergency hair situation going on. Usually I get my hair done every three weeks and I'm at about seven weeks or so. I've had the same person for seven years - he's a British hair guru who perfects blonde so I have to go back and see him."

Only Speidi could get away with an excuse like that.

However, Heidi and Spencer are likely to be returning to the UK soon, after landing a one-off documentary called The Speidi Story set to air on Channel 5 next month. We cannot WAIT.