Heidi Range, we don’t envy your Dancing on Ice diet

There's no doubt that Heidi Range is a stunner, but the Dancing on Ice star has revealed some diet secrets that we're quite frankly struggling to understand.

The Sugababes singer has revealed that she didn't treat herself to any yummy carb-filled snacks over Christmas in preparation for wearing a catsuit on the show.

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"I tried that catsuit on before Christmas so there was no roast potatoes Christmas day," she said. No roast potatoes on Christmas Day? Isn't that, like, illegal or something?!

She went on to say that the thought of donning the catsuit terrified her: "I had a fear about that catsuit for a long time."

Heidi says she's lost a stone since appearing on Dancing on Ice / WENNWe have no idea why, Heidi - have you looked in the mirror recently?!

The star also admitted that she's lost weight since starting her Dancing on Ice skating regime: "I've lost a stone since I started and I'm not complaining, I'm loving it."

Hmm, we  don't think we could love anything enough to forego roast potatoes. Just saying.