Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt say Kim Kardashian would be nothing without her sex tape and is just a famous porn star

Spencer Pratt has exclusively labelled Kim Kardashian 'the world's most famous porn star' and said he 'guarantees' she would be 'nowhere' without THAT sex tape.

Spencer reckons Kim would be nowhere without her sex tape. Copyright: [rex]

We caught up with the pair on the phone earlier today and were keen to talk all things reality.

Well, talking to the self proclaimed King and Queen of reality TV we didn't want to waste the opportunity.

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Speaking exclusively to Yahoo omg!, Spencer said he doesn't feel threatened by fellow reality stars, the Kardashians. and says there is room for everyone.

Spencer says: "It's like any Royal family, she is just from a different Royal land. Kim Kardashian is from Mars and we're from Earth, you know what I mean?"

Er no, not really, but carry on.

Spence reckons he can explain Kim's fame. Copyright: [SPlash]

"No one can understand why she is famous but I can, that is why she is famous! People are so interested in asking WHY she is famous that it's just an endless cycle."

"But I CAN tell you that Kim Kardashian is the world's most famous porn star! She would not be anywhere, I guarantee it, without that sex tape."

Controversial, but what else did we expect from the couple?

So there you have it, Spencer Pratt GUARANTEES that Kim Kardashian is just a famous porn star.

We wonder what her beau Kanye West might make of the comments?

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