Heavily pregnant Imogen Thomas reveals C-Section fears, wanted baby by water birth

Heavily pregnant Imogen Thomas has revealed her fears that her baby will have to be delivered by C-Section, despite wanting a water birth.

Imogen Thomas has revealed she is set to have a C-Section. Copyright [Splash]

The Big Brother star, who is ready to pop in the next few weeks, admitted she's sad that she might not be able to have a natural birth because her baby is in the breech position.

She tweeted today: "Bit sad! Baby is still breech so have an apt Friday to see what's going on! Looks like a c section in 2 wks! Bump is def grounded ;-) xxx"

And writing in her weekly Star magazine column, she revealed that it had been her wish to give birth to her first child in the water.

She said: "The baby has been in the breech position and I thought it would have turned by now, but it hasn't.

"So this week I may find out that I have to have a C-Section, which I'm gutted about as I had mentally prepared myself for a water birth."

Imogen says she's been finding pregnancy tough the last few weeks. Copyright [Twitter/Imogen Thomas]

The 30-year-old Welsh star, who is due to give birth to her and boyfriend Adam Horsley' baby on Valentine's Day, has also revealed she's finding the final weeks of pregnancy tough.

She added: "My belly's hard and itchy and the baby is pressing down on my bladder, so I need to wee a lot! My bones ache and I feel sore."

And although she's mentioned she's inspired by Hollywood stars Claire Danes and Megan Fox's post-baby weight loss, Imogen has revealed she's given up on exercise pre birth.

She added: "I tried to go on the treadmill for a quick walk but it was too painful."

Meanwhile Imogen has been keeping herself busy by doing a Demi - and posing naked with her bump, looking amazing.

The pregnant star recently said she feels like she could give birth any minute. Hurry up Baby Thomas!

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Big Brother star Imogen Thomas did her own version of the Demi Moore pose in her bedroom at seven months pregnant. Copyright [Twitter/Imogen Thomas]
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