Harry Styles, Zayn Malik + Baby Lux = our hearts skipping a beat

If there's anything to make our hearts skip a beat, it's seeing members of One Direction cooing over a baby.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik posed with their stylist's little baby Lux for the cutest Twitpics we have ever, ever seen.

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Harry Styles was first to pose with little Lux last week, as Lux watched him as he browsed the internet on his laptop.

Zayn Malik followed suit today, taking two separate snaps as he babysat Lux in Sydney. The first showed Zayn holding Lux as she grinned at the camera.

Zayn and baby Lux / TwitterThe second was even more adorable, showing Lux grabbing Zayn's necklace as he smiled at her.

Our hearts are seriously melting.

The One Direction boys  are still currently in Australia where they're causing such pandemonium that security levels have been raised.

The boys spoke out yesterday about the lawsuit against them. An American band, also called One Direction, are suing the boys for having the same name as them.

Harry and baby Lux / TwitterHarry Styles said that the One Direction camp are standing their ground. "We will not be changing our name," he said on Australian radio yesterday.

Harry then went on to confirm that he's been texting Taylor Swift, but he remained coy when pushed on the status of their relationship. He said: "We met in America and she's very nice."

Well, until he's either confirmed or denied a romance, we're going to sit here and happily stare at the Baby Lux photos for most of today.

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