Harry Styles up for Villain of the Year at the NME Awards, One Direction up for Worst Band

Now here are a couple of awards we doubt One Direction will want cluttering up their downstairs loo...

If you need a shoulder to cry on, lads, we are always here. Copyright: [Cosmo]

The boys have been nominated for Worst Band at the NME Awards while Harry Styles has been singled out and nominated for Villain of the Year.

We're not quite sure why Harry got preference over the other lads, perhaps NME are sponsored by GHD or decided by Taylor Swift?

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In the villain category, Harry faces stiff competition from the likes of our very own Prime Minster David Cameron who NME find equally offensive.

The pair will fight it out for the undesirable award alongside Gangnam Styles' Psy, Skrillex, Fred Macpherson and Azealia Banks.

Harry is up for Worst Villian. Copyright: [rex]

Meanwhile One Direction as a band have been nominated in the Worst Band category alongside Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

Yes, we know that neither of them are bands but NME is cool, right? And when you are cool you can pretty much do what you want.

Also in the Worst Band category are Muse, Mumford & Sons and Alt-J.

Still, we suggest the boys be flattered by the nods, of course all publicity is good publicity.

However, we couldn't help but note that it works both ways and we are now writing about NME.

Funny coincidence that.

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