‘Harry Styles used to pretend he had Tourettes in the supermarket’ says his old BFF

Harry Styles' used to run riot in local supermarkets, shouting and chucking all sorts about according to his old mate.

Thank God Harry found One D, eh?! Copyright: [rex]

Harry's old mate from home, Will Sweeney, has gone and blabbed to The Sun about all sorts of things that he used to get up to with Harry before One Direction started.

Things like running around swearing in supermarkets.

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Will said: "We'd act like complete idiots in public. Harry would go into Tesco, pretend he had Tourette's and walk around screaming and shouting."

As you do.

*swoon* Copyright: [rex]

He continued:"We'd throw things at each other, we'd just create chaos and a bit of a mess. We were told off by security and customers."

Quite honestly, right now: we despair.

Still, you haven't read the worst of it yet...

"We played this game where you pick something up and launch it over your head without knowing where the other person is — and they've got to try to catch it."

Will says that Harry wasn't very good as this er, hilarious game and used to drop stuff everywhere:

"We grabbed all sorts — bread, sauces — and Harry dropped stuff everywhere." Will added: "Harry and I got told off at Waitrose once because we were screaming 'Bogies!' as loud as we could."

How very Dick and Dom, eh?

"We would each scream 'Bogies!' louder than the other person, we would shriek until we were blue in the face."

To think we fancy this boy nowadays.

Harry that is, we don't know this Will chap other than that he has a big gob.

So next time you are doing the weekly shop be sure to keep and eye out for a crazed Harry Styles going wild in the aisles.