Harry Styles tries to buy One Direction album, card is declined. Awkward when you are worth £100m

Harry Styles, whose band is worth a collective £100m, has had his credit card declined while trying to buy his own album.

*swoon* Copyright: [rex]

Well, those pesky bills can get on top of you! Especially when your purse strings are as tight as Harry's.

You rally couldn't make this up, could you?

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And luckily we didn't, Harry reported the news himself this morning on Twitter.

The curly haired one wrote: ""Soooo... I went to download our album this morning. And my card got declined. Hahaha!!"

Harry can't get enough of those classic trench coats. Copyright: [wenn]

Well, we suppose at least it wasn't in person and he didn't have to get all flustered and squeak:  'CAN I TRY ANOTHER ONE?'.

But this tweet did get us thinking....

Hang on a minute, what's with Harry doing a massive Christopher Maloney and buying his own albums?

Surely he could just pick up a load for free? Or as he is IN the band just sing the songs to himself.

Surely that is one of the millions of perks of being in the biggest band in the world: you don't have to pay for your own music?

And it is hardly as if the boys need to boost sales anymore?

Still, it definitely was  a cheeky plus because if you didn't (somehow) know the boys have an album out then you do now!

Just make sure you have some money in the bank before you download it, yeah?