Harry Styles and Taylor Swift spotted in a hot tub together, that’s one way to warm up we suppose

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have been spotted having a cheeky dip in the hot tub while on holiday skiing in Utah.

What we reckon they MIGHT have looked like. Copyright: [rex]

A fellow holidaymaker couldn't believe her eyes when she realised she was staying next door to one fifth of One Direction and his new popstar girlf, and took to Twitter to let us all know.

“[Harry] was holding hands with tswift. I saw him first in hot tub outside my condo then on the streets downtown."

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Hot tub, eh? Well, we suppose that would be our preferred way to warm up too if we were going out with Harry Styles.

Yesterday, another holidaymaker tweeted this snap of the chilling (quite literally) in a cafe next to the ski slopes.

This snap was taken by a fellow skiier! Copyright: [Twitter]

Meanwhile, it's believed that they will indeed spend actual Christmas Day apart (and just when we were starting to think they were actually joined at the hip).

A friend of the couple say:"Harry and Taylor have spent a lot of time together recently as they really enjoy each other's company"

Yeah, we hadn't noticed much...

"Taylor already had the commitment to go to Australia and Harry's family were really keen to see him over the holidays."

Phew for Mama Styles, eh?