Was the Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split down to her being ‘too demanding’?

When we found out that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift had ended their relationship yesterday we were somewhat shocked.

Harry Styles and Taylor SwiftHarry Styles and Taylor Swift have apparently split up. Copyright [Splash]

From what we had seen and heard, the two young lovebirds seemed head over heels in love with each other.

However, it seems that behind closed doors there was trouble in paradise.

According to the Daily Mirror, Taylor Swift was the one who caused the split due to her constant questioning of his womanising reputation.

Surely she knew about his past before they got together?

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A source told the Mirror: "Harry and Taylor had an incredibly intense relationship, and really did care strongly about one another.

“Sadly it fizzled out just as quickly, and came to a head following a series of angry spats on holiday.

"Harry felt Taylor was nagging him, quizzing him on his intentions with various women and generally having very little faith in him.”

Harry Styles and Taylor SwiftHarry Styles and Taylor Swift seemed happy and loved up.

And it seems that although Taylor Swift was behind the split, it was Harry Styles who was in control throughout their time together.

The source added: "It all became too much and Harry found her a little too demanding. Taylor probably engineered the split but Harry held all the cards in the relationship."

It emerged yesterday that the two had gone their separate ways after falling out on holiday together.

A source close to the couple said: "They're having a break for the moment to cool off. But who knows what the future holds?

"They're both young and hugely successful, with the world at their feet."

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