Harry Styles and Taylor Swift go skiing, how very festive

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are enjoying some festive fun today after they have jetted off for a little Christmas skiing break.

This snap was taken by a fellow skiier! Copyright: [Twitter]

Just who knew Harry was a bit of alright on the slopes, eh?

The pair have been spotted chilling (quite literally) out at the Canyon Resort in Park City, Utah.

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A snap was taken by a beady eyed fellow skiier who then uploaded the snap onto her Twitter page, so everyone thank @edreher!

She posted the snap with the message: "TAYLOR SWIFT AN ONE DIRECTION IS THIS A F*CKING JOKE?"

This was posted on to Twitter by a very shocked lady. Copyright: [Twitter]

So we take it she was somewhat surprised to see the pair then?!

So yes, on Christmas Eve Eve, Harry and Taylor are off skiing and we are stuck here writing about it.

We just hope they are back for Christmas Day as we can't imagine Mama Styles will be too happy if Harry is away for Crimbo.

Ditto Mr and Mrs Swift.

The rest of the One D boys, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson all jetted back to the UK yesterday to spend Christmas with their families.