Harry Styles who? Taylor Swift pulls her best cool face ahead of their reunion

Earlier this week a source exclusively told us that Taylor Swift was planning a big birthday surprise for Harry Styles in an attempt to win him back.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift does her best 'whatevs' face. Copyright [Rex]However, as Taylor Swift stepped out at the Principales Music Awards last night, she looked as though she was pulling her best 'playing it cool before the Harry Styles reunion' face.

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Her expression pretty much said 'Harry Styles who?' as she nonchalantly smiled and posed for the cameras.

And we also reckon that Taylor Swift was attempting to show Harry Styles just how blimmin' hot she is.

Taylor SwiftYeah, I'm breezy. Copyright [Rex]Yet again she showed off perfect red carpet style, wearing a white dress with a cut-away section at the front flashing her cleavage.

She then got changed for her performance, slipping on a pair of black hotpants and a sparkly red top.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift even played it cool when she won her award. Copyright [Rex]Taylor EVEN managed to scoop an award for Best International Artist. We wonder if Harry Styles has passed on his congratulations?

Earlier this week our source told us that Taylor has been feeling emotional about her split from Harry and can't get him 'out of her blood'.

She's apparently going to be sourcing a load of Harry's favourite food and wants to make a huge deal of his birthday next week.

Let's see what happens...

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