Harry Styles and Taylor Swift jet away on yet ANOTHER holiday, we have PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE!

Fresh from the Utah ski slopes, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been spotted on a sun drenched holiday in the Virgin Islands.

A fan posted this photo on Twitter. Copyright: [Twitter]

Well, perhaps they needed a bit of sun to warm up after all the snow?

And just like when they went skiing, we have our very photographic evidence!

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Yep, we have actual photos taken by beady eyed fans who just couldn't believe their luck when they ended up holidaying in the same resort as Harry and Taylor.

So no, Harry and Taylor aren't sharing their holiday with these grinning sorts - rather they just had a quick snap with them!

Then the sneaky types even took this snap of the pair chowing down on a bit of dinner!

A fan took this snap of the pair having dinner. Copyright: [Twitter]

Now, we just need to know WHAT were they talking about? DID they snog? WHO is the extra person? Y'know, the important stuff!

Honestly though, i is getting ridiculous, don't these two have WORK to do? Surely you can only put off your pop star duties for so long?

It really seems like they have been on holiday for about two months.

There are also rumours that the pair were joined by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for a few days.

However, there were no sign of Jelena in any of the snaps.

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