Harry Styles and Taylor Swift introduce their families to one another, it’s getting serious then

They may have only been dating for a short while but it seems that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles decided it the right time to take another big step forward in their relationship.

Taylor and Harry introduced their families to each other over Xmas. Copyright [Splash]

And that step was introducing their possible future in-laws to one another.

However, with this being the modern age of technology, Taylor and Harry didn’t go about this introduction in the traditional manner.

After spending Christmas with their families in their respective home countries, the couple used Skype to stay in contact.

And during one of their Skype conversations Taylor Swift and Harry Styles decided it a good idea to introduce their families to each other.

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A source told The Sun: "Harry and Taylor spoke online up to five times a day while they were apart.

“They got their families involved too, so it wasn't just them locked inside their bedrooms for hours on end.

“It was a good opportunity to familiarise their families as they were all together at Christmas."

Ah, the wonders of technology eh?

Harry and Taylor have reunited for the New Year. Copyright: [rex/wenn]

Tonight Harry will be seeing the New Year in with Taylor in America- although he very nearly didn’t make it after a particularly important document slipped his mind when packing for the trip.

Harry arrived at the airport on Friday without his passport meaning that he had to miss his flight.

With all the travelling One Direction do you’d have thought that picking up a passport would be second nature to Harry Styles by now?

Luckily mum Anne was on hand to save the day- arranging a courier service to pick up his passport from Cheshire, allowing Harry to get a later flight that day.

Good old mum eh?