Harry Styles and Taylor Swift continue to be painfully rock and roll, go walking in the Lake District

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift know how to keep things strictly rock 'n' roll, don't they?

These two are WILD! Copyright: [rex]

Yesterday, we reported that they love nothing more than a challenging bit of Scrabble and then today we are reporting that the pair are fresh from the ultimate romantic mini break.

... a wild tour of the North.

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Harry has reportedly been showing Taylor around where else but Cumbria, and the pair have been spotted getting up to all sorts.

First they were spotted out walking in the Lake District before stopping off at a local pub and checking out some local shops.

Harry does like a blue eyes lady! Copyright: [rex/wenn]

A lady from one of the local shops said: "They came into the Pandora shop and were looking around and I thought I can't believe it that's Harry Styles and Taylor Swift."

"They looked to have done lots of shopping in town, Harry was a little reluctant to have his picture taken but Taylor was really sweet."

"I am a big Harry Styles fan, but I have to say Taylor Swift was just so nice to me. I was asking her how long she is in the area for."

Hmmm, probably not much longer now their cover had been blown.