Harry Styles splashes out over £1,000 on second hand items for his bachelor pad

Harry Styles has been spotted spending over £1,000 in a second hand shop on items for his plush London pad.

Harry Styles has been spotted spending his money on some questionable items. Copyright [Wenn]

And they weren’t exactly the most conventional of household essentials either.

The 19-year-old One Direction singer went to second hand shop Mr All Sorts in north London in a bid to spruce up his £3 million pad in Primrose Hill.

Items on Harry’s list included a £400 pair of horns, a £500 old till and a Union Jack flag priced at £250.

Mr Styles also bought an art deco clock for £45 and the letter R for £50.

Perhaps the most random item Harry purchased was the word ‘Poo’ for £100.

It seems no amount of money can stop the childish sensibilities of teenager.

Harry is currently trying to woo model Millie Brady after the two spent the evening partying together after the BRIT awards this week.

Harry Styles is currently trying to woo model Millie Brady. Copyright [Splash]

According to a source close to the singer and model, they are both keen on having a second date but want to keep things casual.

The source said: "She and Harry plan on meeting up at this weekend or next week. They are talking about hitting a few clubs.

"It's obvious they are keen to see each other again but they won't want it to look like a date.

"There will probably be a few people out so it looks casual, not just the two of them. But it is a date really because we know they'll make a beeline for each other."

Let’s just hope if Millie comes over to Harry’s house the mood isn’t completely ruined by the giant word ‘Poo’ hanging on the wall.

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