Harry Styles snubs Niall Horan for Nick Grimshaw, we fear a bit of a BRUV TRIANGLE emerging

Could there be trouble brewing in One Direction paradise? It's believe that tension is forming between Harry Styles and Niall Horan after Harry pretty much dumped Niall to hang out with his Radio One BFF, Nick Grimshaw.

Has Harry Styles dumped Niall Horan for Nick Grimshaw as the number one man in his life? Copyirght: [getty]

It all started at Harry's birthday party a couple of weeks back which Niall made sure he popped down to.

However, it's believed that first of all Harry wouldn't let him use the bar tab.

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Yep, reportedly Niall was asked to buy his own drinks and not tap into the money Harry had put behind the bar.

However, seeing as they make up two fifths of the most loaded mega bucks band on the planet we're sure it hardly matters who's footing the bill.

However, just as our Nan would say at this point - it's the PRINCIPLE.

It's also believed that Harry booked Niall a cab for bang on midnight (easy now Cinderella) and sent him home before carrying on the party without him at Nick's.

Poor old Niall, we wish we had known and we would have invited him round ours for a night cap.

Harry, Grimmers and the stripper... sounds like the title of a bad romcom. Copyright: [Twitter]

“Although he had a tab behind the bar, Harry told staff not to allow Niall to put anything on it,” a source told the MailOnline.

“He also organised a car to pick Niall up at midnight while he, Nick and some others carried on partying.”

Hmmm, so it looks like we have ourselves a bit of a love triangle or more accurately should that be a 'bruv triangle'?

Humph, can't they just all be friends?!

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