Harry Styles says Taylor Swift was one big 'pain in the a**'' in One Direction film This Is Us

Harry Styles has reportedly opened up about his relationship with Taylor Swift saying it was all one big 'pain in the a**'.

Taylor Swift dated Harry Styles until this Christmas. Copyright: [splash]

News we reckon could inspire a rather angry Taylor Swift song for her next album. Every cloud, eh?

The Daily Star reckons that they have seen a sneak peak of the boys upcoming movie This is Us in which Harry talks about Taylor.

They reckon he is on record as saying she was a huge 'pain in the a**' before they split at the beginning of the year.

Harry went on to suggest that he is yet to find any lady (out of his 12938712) who has fallen head over heels for.

The One Direction ladies' man says: "I haven't met a girl yet who I'd want to even think of getting serious with."

Harry Styles previously dated Caroline Flack. Copyright: [Rex]

"I think I've been unlucky in love so far. But then, I haven't really met anyone who's made the earth move for me..."

Bad luck Caroline Flack and Cara Delevingne who reportedly both had a crack at shaking the aforementioned earth.

Harry added: "I'm longing to meet someone who really inspires me and makes me really want to spend time with them."

Women of the world watch out, Harry Styles is on the prowl.

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