Harry Styles reveals his political views, continues to surprise us

One Direction's Harry Styles has admitted that he is a Labour supporter.

Harry Styles has revealed he is a Labour supporter. Copyright [Rex]

The 19-year-old One Direction singer made the admission to one party goer at the Sony post Brit Awards party on Wednesday night.

The Mirror reports that during the bash, Harry got talking about all things politics with another guest.

He proudly proclaimed: “I’m a Labour supporter.

“I lean to the left. I’m for the people.”

We’re not sure what Prime Minister David Cameron would have to say about this.

The Conservative leader appeared alongside Harry and his One Direction band mates in their Comic Relief charity music video ‘One Way or Another’.

David Cameron appears in One Direction's latest video with Harry. Copyright [Vevo]

We never thought we’d see the day when a member of One Direction talked about their political beliefs that's for sure.

Still, Harry Styles is no ordinary pop star after it was revealed that he had recently struck up a relationship with philosopher Alain de Botton.

The unlikely pair met at a party with Alain, 43, revealing that Harry had been keen to know more philosophy.

He told The Sun: “He was very interested in finding out about philosophy. He seemed a very intelligent chap.”

He continued: “In an ideal world, Harry Styles would be teaching his ten million Twitter followers a little more about Greek philosophy.

“The problem we have got is that the most famous people in the country tend to believe in things that are not particularly ambitious.”

Perhaps we have a new breed of pop star in our midst.

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