Harry Styles’ is One Direction's resident nipple tweaker, yes you heard it here first folks

Harry Styles has been outed as One Direction's resident nipple tweaker and we are starting to think he might have a bit of an obsession.

Admittedly we never saw Del Boy in a shrunken trench and converse but you know what we mean. Copyright: [wenn]

*rubs eyes*

No, do not adjust your screens, you did read that right the first time.

Adding yet another string to his impressive bow (oo er) Harry is reported to know just how to get One D revved up for a performance.

Er, tweak their nipples obvs.

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The news come courtesy of the director of their new music video for Kiss You who says that Harry knows how to ensure an Serengeti performance from his band mates.

Vaughan Arnell says: "You get this feeling the minute they start to sing or the minute they start to perform, they are giving each other little looks."

"Maybe Harry might tweak somebody's nipples or something like that and the whole energy starts to build up."

Well, whatever it takes we guess!

Niall HoranHarry Styles tweeted this photo of Niall Horan. Copyright [Harry Styles]

Now, not to say we pay a *bit* too much attention to One Direction's nipples but they do seem to keep popping up together (no pun intended).

Just the other day, nipple tweeker Harry posted a pic of band mate Niall Horan's nip slip... we are starting to think he might be obsessed.

Could Harry's nipple obsession be behind his split from US star Taylor Swift?

You heard it here first, folks.