Harry Styles look away now! We’ve found your embarrassing childhood photos!

Harry Styles might be a suave, debonair young thing NOW but he used to be er, well just a young thing actually.

Harry Styles back in the day.. LOL! Copyright: [MySpace]

Yep, just because you are a mega pop star type doesn't mean that you don't have embarrassing childhood photos.

Y'see, Simon Cowell never got round to burning the evidence meaning Harry Styles has his fair share of cringey snaps from his youth for us to have a giggle at.

Just check out this of a young Harry looking all grinny back on holiday with his Ma and Pa when he was about ten:

Harry B.C (before cool) Copyright: [MySpace]


We wonder if his Ma Anne Cox got this lot out round the dinner table when Taylor Swift came round for dinner? Or Cara Delevingne for that matter?

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And we didn't even have to dig that far...

Just check out this snap of One Direction when they first appeared on the X Factor just three years ago back in 2010:

One D on X Factor in 2010. Copyright: [rex]

And to think, we even sort of fancied them then.

All we can say is, thank God for puberty as look how Harry has blossomed:

Gorge Harry on Friday night. Copyright: [rex]


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