Harry Styles is an intellectual you know, watches Question Time and talks about philosophy

Harry Styles is fast becoming quite the intellectual, tuning into Question Time and hanging out with super clever scholarly types.

Harry and his well clever mates. Copyright: [Twitter]

We were totally shocked when Harry's grinning face turned up on a rather unexpected Twitter feed on Wednesday evening.

Rather than his BFF Nick Grimshaw, Harry has been hanging out with Jemima Kahn and er, writer and philosopher type Alain De Botton!

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Yeah, just one those nights we suppose.

Actually no wait, this is just too fabulously random, we don't think our heads can handle it!

Harry probably thinking about Aristotole. Copyright: [Splash]

Just when, where and WHY did this encounter occur? Still, it definitely did - there is even photographic evidence.

Alain (who almost definitely owns the entire One D back catalog) tweeted: "With @Harry_Styles, @Jemima_Khan we talk Plato, Aristotle, love and beauty."

So while most 19 year old boys would rather talk about Match of the Day and this week's Nuts magazine, Harry would prefer to chat Plato's Forms.


Plus, earlier on in the week Harry tweeted that he was watching blimmin' Question Time.

Harry tweeted: "@bbcquestiontime is very good tonight."

For all we know he was probably having some sort of lock in with his mates Alain and Jemima...

Oh and we nearly forgot to say, big Happy Birthday Harry Styles! We hope you have a smashing day and night!

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