Harry Styles hits back at Alain De Botton, tweets Greek philosophy to followers

Harry Styles has cheekily hit back at Alain De Botton after he criticised the academic level of his Twitter posts.

<p>Harry Styles has hit back at Alain De Botton for criticising his tweets. Copyright [Rex]</p>

The writer and philosopher suggested in this morning's Metro newspaper that One Direction's floppy-haired member should be tweeting more about Greek philosophy when he posts on the social networking site.

And sure enough, within seconds the 1D star had followed his suggesting, taking to Twitter to post: "Socrates, born in Athens in the 5th century BCE, marks a watershed in Ancient Greek philosophy."

Very funny Mr Styles.

Author Alain had told the newspaper that celebrities like Harry and David Beckham don't have very high-brow thoughts.

He told the newspaper: "The problem we've got is that most famous people in the country tend to believe in things that aren't particularly ambitious whereas the people who believe in really ambitious things are stuck away in ivory towers and no one bothers listening to what they think.

"In an ideal world Harry Styles would be teaching his 10million Twitter followers a little more about Greek philosophy."

And so he did.

<p>Harry Styles and Alain De Botton hung out at a party recently. Copyright [Twitter]</p>

Alain actually met Harry at a party recently but (not that surprisingly) didn't have much in common.

He added: "I was introduced to him at a party. Neither of us had heard of each other. We had a nice chat. It was fun.

Before adding that he had a grand plan for the 19-year-old. He said: "My plan is to shut the Arts Council and get people such as Harry Styles to go on television and recommend to everyone they read Proust and Hegel, which would achieve more in five minutes than the Arts Council achieves year in, year out."

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