Harry Styles hides chin injury from the paps, denies One Direction fans pictures

Following a recent skiing trip with girlfriend Taylor Swift, Harry Styles suffered a rather nasty injury.

Harry donned his best 'hide the chin' scarf. Copyright [Wenn]

But before you panic and worry that he fractured his collarbone or broke his leg, Harry merely suffered a minor injury to his chin.

Arriving at Heathrow airport on Christmas Eve, it seemed that Harry Styles was altogether rather embarrassed by his injury, concealing it under a giant scarf from the paps.

And Harry even denied his hardcore Directioners a photo opportunity due to the bandage covering the lower part of his famous face.

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A bit odd considering pictures of the Harry sporting a bandage on his chin have spread across the internet.

Now this doesn’t look like someone who is embarrassed by having a giant plaster stuck to their chin now does it?

Harry didn't seem too fussed about the injury on holiday. Copyright [Twitter/1D Universal News]

The details of the accident aren’t exactly clear, with Harry only alluding to the injury once on his official Twitter page.

He cryptically wrote: “Chin chinnigan, chin chinnigan...”

Perhaps Harry’s jaw hit the ground after remembering that he is currently going out with Taylor Swift?

It is a fact worthy of an almighty jaw drop after all.

Harry Styles’ injury didn’t seem to bother him over the Christmas period however, tweeting about his family celebrations on the 25th.

He posted: “Christmas dinner while listening to 99 Problems has just happened in our house.”

Harry Styles may have 99 problems, but a sore chin aint one.