Harry Styles gets a new tattoo; well Taylor Swift did say she likes a bad boy

Harry Styles has unveiled yet another new tattoo.

Harry seems rather pleased with his new tat. Copyright [Twitter/1DSuperhumans]

Surely he’ll be running out of room on his body soon?

The One Direction singer has opted for a ship as his latest inking and it’s not exactly the most subtle of tattoos.

Harry Styles got the ship inked on the top of his arm and we must say, the tattooist is one very talented individual.

Harry's tattoo has taken over his arm. Copyright [Twitter/1DSuperHumans]

The detailing of the tattoo is quite incredible, if a little ostentatious.

Girlfriend Taylor Swift joined Harry at the tattoo parlour in Hollywood and looked pretty happy with her beau’s body art.

Well, she has admitted that she likes a bad boy and what is more bad than a boy with tats?

Taylor joined Harry for his new tattoo inking. Copyright [Twitter/1DSuperHumans]

Although Taylor must be a very patient woman/ have a lot of time on her hands to wait around while Harry get's that detailed a tattoo.

She probably wrote a song while waiting.

Harry and his One Direction band mates are no strangers to going under the needle, with four of the boys sporting an array of body art.

Niall Horan is yet to join One Direction with their tattoo obsession.

Sensible, as these things don’t exactly wash off.

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Harry Styles’s collection already includes two swallows on his chest, ‘Things I Can' on his right forearm and 'Things I Can't' on the left.

He also has an empty bird cage on his ribcage and some iced gems on his hands.

The ice gems aren’t exactly bad boy territory but we’ll ignore that for now.