Harry Styles EXCLUSIVE: omg! goes on an impromptu cinema date with Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw!

Yesterday, omg! went to the cinema with Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw, and before you ask: we've checked and we definitely didn't dream it, it actually happened.

Our exact facial expression which we kept throughout. Copyright: [wenn/omg!]

Yep, we turned up to see  Perks of Being a Wallflower with Emma Watson and who should be in the cinema but BFFs Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw?

These screening rooms are tiny and it was just them, Nick's producer and a couple of other people down the front, omg! was flying solo on this occasion before shouting:

"What on earth are YOU two doing here?"

We're not sure where it came from or why, but this was our chosen greeting.

"Er, to see the film?" Nick told us.

Harry Styles is at this point sitting slap bang in front of us.

And both of them chatted to us right up until the film started, with Nick poking fun at his friend saying he had seen the 'new Harry Styles on X Factor — George Shelley!'.

Yes, finally we have witnessed the actual curls and yes, they are as bouncy as you would imagine.

As are Nick and Harry's little feet which didn't stop shuffling around throughout the film.

We witnessed the bromance for ourselves! Copyright: [wenn]

We really hope they don't mind us writing this, but it's not every day you sit down to watch a film with one fifth on One Direction and Radio One's best new DJ..

And if you are reading this Nick Grimshaw, we didn't mean to nearly follow you into the loo saying goodbye at the end, we were just overexcited.

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We didn't get to say bye to Harry as he snuck off half way through! Which is probably why Emma Watson tweeted him today saying:

''So @harry_styles - when are you going to see the SECOND half of Perks of being a Wallflower ?! Huh Huh huh ? @grimmers''

We love that we witnessed the birth of this in joke!