Harry Styles 'dating Alexis Allen' after she catches his eye with a bikini and an 'I'm Legal' sign, Directioners explode

Harry Styles is reportedly dating a girl who he spotted in a One Direction crowd in a bikini holding up a sign saying ‘I’m Legal’.

Harry Styles reportedly spotted the girl at a 1D gig. Copyright: [Rex]

Which if you ask us, is clearly the start to any great love story.

And who said we burned our bras for nothing?

Yep, appaz Hazza was so struck by this particular lady in the crowd that he ordered he to be plucked out so he could give her a good wining and dining.

Alexis Allen's Twitter bio picture. Copyright: [Twitter]

He then followed her on Twitter and is now RUMOURED to be flying her out to see him.

A usually very reliable source tweeted yesterday: “Harry Styles is secretly dating Alexis Allen… “He’s flying her out to Houston.”

We then tried to give her a good stalk for more information however the pesky thing has made her Twitter super private – which is you ask us, is suspicious enough!

The Directioners have predictably gone all kinds of mental, sending loads of abuse to the girl on Twitter.

Because if anything is for certain, they are sure to catch Harry’s attention by being super mean to the girl he likes, brilliant logic by all accounts.

Whoever said romance was dead clearly hadn’t got their hands on a makeshift arts and crafts kit.

However, we’re all kinds of confused after we were pretty certain Hazza was dating gorgeous model type Kara Rose Marshall  who he meet through a mutual friend Tom Atkin of The Paddingtons.

Still, this is Harry Styles we are talking about so is one girlfriend ever enough?

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