Harry Styles channels Del Boy in a bid to impress Taylor Swift’s Ma, we hope she’s an Only Fools and Horses fan

We wonder if Del Boy is OK with Harry Styles nicking his signature look?

Admittedly we never saw Del Boy in a shrunken trench and converse but you know what we mean. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, we reckon that Harry is most definitely channeling his inner Del Boy in these latest snaps.

However, we reckon we know what Harry's Trotter-esque head gear is in honour of.

Y'see apparently things are getting right serious for Harry and Ms Taylor Swift and it's time for Harry to...

*drum roll*


So is it any wonder he is dressed to impress? And we reckon this fashion ode to Del Boy could do nothing other than impress.

We hope Harry managed to impress the Ma! Copyright: [wenn]

After staying round Taylor's (again) on Wednesday night, the pair were spotted meeting up with Taylor's Ma, Andrea.

We just hope for Harry's sake that Andrea is an Only Fools and Horses Fan.

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Then again, reportedly Taylor loves tuning into a bit of Brit comedy Inbetweeners, so we reckon her Mum is a massive Del Boy and Rodney fan.

And that is exactly why Harry decided to turn up in fancy dress, perhaps he could buy her the box set for Christmas to really impress her?