Harry Styles blows £100,000 on new Porsche, £3000 on pizza for the homeless

Further proof Harry Styles is ridiculously loaded this morning after news arrived that he has bought yet another zillion pound car.

Harry is PROPER loaded! Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, Harry must be bored of his infamous Range Rover after he has chosen to splash out some birthday bucks on a brand new Porche worth £100,000.

So a bit of a bargain, we are sure you would agree.

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Harry, 19, is reportedly getting the car "customised to suit his tastes" so will almost definitely feature a backseat of cougars and a few flip down Scrabble boards.

However, Harry doesn't just spend his cash on himself, he also a bit of a philanthropist.

Gorge Harry on Friday night. Copyright: [rex]

Yes, move over David Beckham, Harry Styles is stepping on your rather charitable toes after he forked out a whopping £3000 on pizza for the homeless.

Ed Sheeran told The Mirror:“We were in LA about three months ago and he had a day off, Harry spent two or three grand on Domino’s pizza and drove around giving them out to homeless people."

Yep, Harry is officially a fully fledged pizza philanthropist.

“He does stuff like that a lot,” adds Ed, “He’s a pretty genuine guy.”

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