Harry Styles’ BFF Nick Grimshaw: One Direction haven’t changed on finding fame

One Direction have had a crazy time since leaving the X Factor and taken over pop music and every teenage (and slightly older ) girl's heart.

oen directionBeing in a group keeps One Direction groudned says Nick Grimshaw. Copyright: WENN

But despite their fame, fortune and female attention, Harry Styles best mate, Nick Grimshaw assures us  the curly haired cutie and his band mates haven't changed.

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Grimmy told us: "Harry hasn't changed at all — he's great. It's good that he's in a group so he can stay grounded."

We're happy too that he's teamed up with Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson,  Liam Payne and Niall Horan — our lives would be pretty empty without them.

The Radio 1 host knows plenty about the world of pop and believes the fact One Direction are a band helps them deal with the pressures of their lifestyle.

"This is the craziest job in the world," Nick added. "If anything is going to make you crazy it's being a pop star."

harry styles and nick grimshawHarry Styles and Nick Grimshaw have been friends from the start of X Factor. Copyright [Getty]

But it's the group thing that helps the lads be true to who they really are, Nick continued: "It's good Harry is in a group, you've people who can related to what you're going through.

"There's people there you can 'well this is weird' and it helps you remember that all the hype isn't reality."

We didn't think the boys could get any more perfect but the fact they're the same guys haven't let fame change them means we love them even more —if that's even possible?