Harry Styles + angel wings + trapped in giant bubble = dream come true

Harry Styles has always, in our eyes, appeared to come from the heavens -  no one that visually perfect could be human.

harry stylesHarry Styles makes one adorable angel. [Copyright: Twitter/One Direction]

So when the One Direction cutie posed for this pic, we believed our initial thoughts of him being a different type of (sexy) species were correct.

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But no, Harry Styles is in fact dressed up as an angel rather than taking on what (we potentially thought could be) his true form.

Clad In feathered orange wings and a white t-shirt and black jeans the curly-haired lush was trapped in a giant zorb and pleads to the camera to let him out.

Although no girl in her right mind would allow that to happen, we think we'd like to keep him there to ourselves for a little while.

harry stylesAww, Harry Styles we love you. [Copyright: WENN]

We have the One Direction Twitter account to thank for this sweet snap — it was shared today to remind us all to vote for One Direction at the MTV Video Music Awards next month.

The angel wings may be a temporary new look for Harry, but he's also had a permanent addition to his attire as he's been spotted rocking a new tattoo just under his left shoulder.

As One Direction filmed the video for, Live While We're Young Harry had to jump in the water and allow his t-shirt to cling to his abs.

We can't wait to watch it!