Harry Styles and Taylor Swift bump into each other backstage at the BRITs 2013, cue awkward moment - EXCLUSIVE

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift did everything they could to avoid each other at the BRITs 2013.

Harry Styles was chatting to friends right outside of Taylor Swift's BRITs 2013 dressing room. JUST before this …

But it clearly wasn't enough, with the pair forced to come face-to-face backstage after the show.

Harry and Taylor were given separate halves of the arena during the bash, with Taylor sticking to the right of the stage and Harry and One Direction to the left.

And while their tables were only separated by the width of the runway stage, they managed to avoid each other for most of the night.... until after the show.

Omg! managed to sneak backstage as the celebs filed back to their dressing rooms, following Taylor and her entourage into the Artists' Area, where we spied Taylor having a lengthy chat with James Corden and Mumford and Sons.

BRITs 2013: Taylor Swift's dressing room was a short walk from the BRIT Spa. [Copyright omg!]

BRITs 2013: Taylor Swift backstage with omg!

The 22-year-old looked relaxed, knowing Harry's dressing room was in a separate corridor, keeping the two apart.

But just as Taylor was changing into her afterparty dress, Zayn and Harry were spotted partying with Ben Howard in the room right next to hers.

And as Taylor was leaving to head to the Universial afterparty, Harry came into the corridor and the pair were just inches away from each other.

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Harry Styles helped Lou Teasdale with her bag, they left through the opposite exit to Taylor Swift. Copyright  …

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Taylor was whisked away in the opposite direction, while Harry calmly chatted to pals and dished out hugs.

The pair left through separate exits, with Harry helping 1D's make-up artist, Lou Teasdale, back to her car with a massive suitcase.


BRITs 2013: One Direction looked very dapper in their co-ordinating outfits. Copyright [PA]
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