Harry Styles and Emma Watson tweet each other again, fans couple them off and plan a wedding

Harry Styles and Emma Watson have got fans' tongues wagging after they tweeted each other again yesterday.

Harry Style and Emma Watson tweeted each other yesterday. Copyright [Splash/Wenn]

The One Direction star messaged the Harry Potter actress to say he'd FINALLY seen the end of her film Perks of Being A Wallflower - and that he loved it.

To which Emma replied lots of excitement and happiness (as you can imagine).

Harry tweeted: "I finally saw the second half! That film gets dark, but I liked it a lot."

Emma replied: "yay!! So happy"

Fans immediately got over-excited by the communication, with one posting: "I'm 100% serious get married"

While another has already planned their couple name, posting: "PLEASE GO OUT WITH EACH OTHER HEMMA".

This all comes after the pair bantered back when the film came out in September last year.

One Direction star Harry went to see the movie, with best pal Nick Grimshaw (and omg! just happened to be there too).

But he left before seeing the end (probably because he had lots of One Direction-related business to attend to).

At the premiere Emma exclusively revealed to us that she would quite happily take Harry on a cinema date to see the rest of the movie. Which us got very excited indeed.

However the 22-year-old actress seems to have other men on her mind - namely her boyfriend Will Adamowicz, who she seems to be pretty happy with.

The pair met at Oxford University, where he was on a one-year placement from Brown's.

Meanwhile Harry Styles appanrently has his eye on former flame Cara Delevingne, after a source told us that he's been in touch and that she invited him to fashion week with her.

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