Halle Berry’s ex has brawl with her current squeeze, how A-list Jeremy Kyle, eh?

Halle Berry's ex has been arrested after getting in a massive fight with her current squeeze, leaving one of them in hospital.

Gabriel is believed to have punched Olivier in the face. Copyright: [rex]

It's believed that Gabriel Aubrey (ex and Dad to daughter) approached Olivier Martinez (current squeeze) while he was dropping off his daughter for Thanksgiving with her Mum.

It's believed while dropping his little girl back with her Mum, Olivier told Gabriel that he 'wants to move on' and all kinds of hell broke loose.

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Instead of shaking hands and coming in for a bit of Thanksgiving turkey, Gabriel chucked a punch at Olivier in true Jeremy Kyle style!

Well, extremely good looking A-list Jezza Kyle that is.

Halle and Olivier yesterday. Copyright: [rex]

The Canadian model is said to have tried to punch Olivier in the face but it was blocked at which point a full blown fight broke out right there on the doorstep.

However, we shouldn't really joke after things ended up pretty nasty - Gabriel has been charged with battery and also suffered a broken rib and facial injuries.

The model is currently in hospital and doctors are said to be worried he is suffering more serious head injuries.

Olivier left the fight with a bit of a bruised neck and a broken hand - a result of punching Gabriel so hard!

It's unsure whether Halle and Gabriel's daughter saw the fight.