Great British Bake Off's Ruby Tandoh shows her true colours, calls critic a 'bitter old witch' and a 'tosser' in Twitter feud, then deletes her blog recipes

At first glance, we'd say she needs to lay off the humble pie - that's if her shy and self-deprecating on-screen persona is anything to go by.

But it appears Great British Bake Off's Ruby Tandoh is far more spiky than we've been led to believe through all those desk-less shots of her surrounded by uni books.

Great British Bake Off: Ruby Tandoh's puppy dog eyes haven't been going down well on Twitter, which ended in Ruby …

The 21-year-old Philosophy student (as if we haven't heard THAT enough over the series) took to Twitter to speak her mind following a particularly harsh review from a user - and her response was definitely not what we expected.

Things kicked off when the viewer tweeted: "#gbbo Ruby is completely useless - how is she getting thru every week? White chocolate on everything and puppy dog eyes - that must be it [sic]"

Ruby - who was clearly keeping a close eye on mentions of her name throughout the show - was ready to pounce, snapping back with within a matter of moments.

She hit back: "I'm sorry have you tasted anything made on the show? no? then shut up. tosser. [sic]"

The user wrote back: "oh dear, can't handle criticism? That's too bad [sic]"

We're inclined to start raising money to get GBBO's Ruby a desk for those many philosophy exams... Copyright [ …

GBBO's Ruby Tandoh called her critic a 'bitter old witch' following a rant on Twitter.

The 'you can't handle the truth!' comment clearly ruffled Ruby's feathers, leaving her to take things to the next level, replying: "It's not real criticism though, is it?

"It's the unfounded, unfiltered, lazy ranting of a bitter old witch. Do pipe down."

Saucer of milk, table nine! Put THAT in your pipe and frost it, critics!

Despite Ruby's stern words, the user was having none of it, tweeting back: "And abusing people for their view 'bitter old witch' is the best you can do? Good to see that philosophy degree comes in handy. [sic]"

Clearly Ruby didn't think she'd gone too far, adding back: "'abusing' you? oh cry me a river. anyway, hope you have a really great day xxx [sic]"

But the criticism clearly touched a sore spot, with Ruby then deleting her online recipes from her blog and announcing she was taking a 'Twitter detox' soon after, adding: "It's bad for the soul."

Viewers claim Paul Hollywood has an 'obvious soft spot' for Ruby.

Poor Ruby has received plenty of backlash on Twitter since this year's GBBO started, with several users complaining about Paul Hollywood's 'obvious soft spot' for the gorgeous student.

One user wrote: "Dammit Ruby! She only got 'star baker' because she said she was rubbish and Paul Hollywood has a crush on her. :L #gbbo [sic]"

Another quipped: "I think someone needs to whack Paul round the head with a baking tray to shock him out of his Ruby-stupor. #burnt #gbbo [sic]"

The former model has even become the victim of GIF frolics on Tumblr, with one viewer setting up a blog titled, 'The Many Faces of Ruby Tandoh', featuring GIFs of her most common facial expressions.

Despite the critics, it doesn't appear to be hindering her chances of winning the series, with her sweet buns gaining her the Star Baker title last night - but not without a humble apology to Paul and Mary for 'burning' them (they weren't burnt at all), along with her signature puppy-dog eyes.

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