Grammys: Adele shows off tattoo in tribute to her son Angelo, too cute

It seems that following the birth of her son, Adele is now BACK after her performance at the Golden Globes last month, and her appearance at the Grammys last night.

Adele showed off a brand new tattoo last night. Copyright [Splash]However, Adele's son Angelo is never far from her mind, with the singer showing off a brand new tattoo at the Grammys, which is thought to be a tribute to her little boy, Angelo.

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Adele has had the letter 'A' tattooed just behind her ear. It could stand for 'Adele,' but we reckon it's actually a tribute to the bubba.

The tattoo was clearly visible with Adele wearing her hair in her trademark chic up 'do.

Adele rocked floral fashion at the Grammys. Copyright [Splash]However, the singer ditched her trademark black dresses for something a little more colourful.

Whilst her floral dress was a welcome change from the standard black, it got everybody talking, with some tweeters suggesting she was wearing her gran's curtains. Awkward.

Adele also won a Grammy for Set Fire to the Rain. Copyright [Rex]However, Adele did go on to win the Grammy for Best Solo Pop performance for Set Fire to the Rain, which is her NINTH Grammy award.

Unlike her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, Adele didn't mention little Angelo.

We don't blame her though - since she announced her pregnancy, Adele has remained fiercely protective of her son. After her speech at the Golden Globes, EVERYONE suddenly became obsessed with the baby, and finding out his name.

Adele's tattoo - a tribute to baby Angelo. Copyright [Rex]Adele refused to reveal what the baby was called, but was pictured wearing a gold necklace with the name 'Angelo' written on it. However, she still hasn't officially confirmed that that is the tot's name.

We reckon he will have been very proud of his mum last night, though.