Girls Aloud want Rylan on their tour, reckon they’ll be voting in Celebrity Big Brother tonight

Rylan Clark has no shortage of celebrity admirers (the cast of TOWIE are obsessed with him after all,) but he seems to have added five more to the fan club.

Girls Aloud would like Rylan to join them on tour. Copyright [PA/Rex]Girls Aloud have tweeted to reveal that they want to take Rylan on tour with them - and that we would LOVE to see.

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Girls Aloud took to Twitter last night to say: "Can we put @RylanClark in our suitcase and take him on tour?"

Given how much Rylan seemed to love the task where Celebrity Big Brother housemates had to co-ordinate a dance routine, we reckon he'd fit right in on the Girls Aloud tour. Get him on stage and everything.

Rylan has become everyone's favourite. Copyright [Channel 5]So we're fairly certain that Cheryl, Nicola, Kimberley, Nadine and Sarah will all be casting their vote for Rylan to win Celebrity Big Brother tonight.

And it's not just Girls Aloud who are massive fans of Rylan.

Amy Childs has also taken to Twitter this morning to urge all her fans to vote for him.

Amy ChildsAmy Childs has also revealed that she's a huge fan of Rylan. Copyright [PA]She said: "Rylan to win #cbb tonight. Hope you have all been voting @RylanClark xxx"

We think Rylan will probably emerge the CBB victor tonight, after he was announced the bookies' favourite. Just so long as it's not blimmin' Speidi, we'll be happy.